FlixBus launched solar-powered buses

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FlixBus has introduced buses with solar panels, showcasing their commitment to innovating intercity bus transport in New York. Following the launch of their initial electric buses (with hydrogen-powered ones soon to follow), particularly connecting French cities, the bus company has initiated a new project featuring buses equipped with solar panels on their roofs.


The inaugural vehicle has already embarked on its journey, covering the route from Dortmund (Germany) to Eindhoven (Netherlands), Antwerp, Bruges (Belgium), Calais (France), and finally, London (United Kingdom).

The luxurious double-decker coach, known as Fututa FDD2, is the flagship model from the prominent Dutch manufacturer VDL. On its roof, lightweight and thin "solar mats" have been installed to minimize aerodynamic resistance.

The solar panels on the roof interact with an alternating current generator through a charging controller. This innovative technology predominantly charges the battery using solar energy, freeing the alternating current generator from reliance on internal combustion engines. Trials have shown that, on average, this method saves 1.7 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers traveled. Considering that "green buses" cover approximately 600 kilometers daily, this translates to a notable 10-liter fuel saving.

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It is anticipated that during the summer months, the solar panels will generate even more energy. Meanwhile, the battery ensures power supply to all onboard electronics, such as USB ports, power outlets, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and the multimedia entertainment system.

With this new technology, all onboard equipment now operates on solar energy.

For this pilot project, FlixBus has collaborated with the British company Trailar, which specializes in innovative transportation solutions to reduce the environmental impact of commercial vehicles. The flexible "solar mats," specifically designed for the transportation sector, are already being employed in delivery service trucks.

FlixBus launched solar-powered buses
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